2011 Timeline

At Tsim Shat Sui. It was my few months left in HK. First time to celebrate my birthday without my loved ones.

Date on a freezing love month with my high school friends T and J.

One of my favourite store in Causeway Bay.

Went out for a Japanese afternoon snack in Prince Edward with my friend A. This was my last month and last days in HK. I knew I will miss that place.

Back in RP! Laughing out with my best friends. I missed them. (missing the cold weather in HK)

Random sweets from a random food show that we randomly attended.

Third month back here. Still fixing my stuff and still getting used to my brother’s new apartment that we moved in.

City bokeh.

Creepy statues from a random antique store I pass by. Fight month ends here.

Waiting for my off at work. What a happy orange sky.  La vie est belle.

Taken by LM at his yard. Videl, LM’s baby dog. My favourite baby dog.

On my way to the airport to pick up my sister and her family. Been two years I haven’t seen them.

2011 was  sweet, despite of the very few rough times I had. It was the starting point of the peak of my independence. Living in a place where people don’t speak your native tongue,not even your second language, altering your english sentences so you understand each other, meeting new friends and knowing and admiring their different cultures, the beauty in being alone, the feeling of strength felt by nomad people, that excited feeling to share your adventures to your love ones, and   that certainties about your wants and needs. It was a low key life back on my early 2011.

Au revoir. 12 days to go.


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