Summer Trip

It’s too hot. I wanted to chew ice cubes, and have it melt in my mouth. I want an hour ice cold shower. The weather has been racing between 30C-35C, and everyone is whining about it. I just don’t fancy summer in the city.

Random photos taken in my hometown during my  trip.

12 noon resting. We found a nice shade to take a nap.

Crystal clear blue water and white sand on my little island, Calaguas. A 45 minutes drive, and a two-hour boat trip from my hometown.

Early afternoon chat with my best friends. Waiting for the sun to get calm. (by e)

Checking how pretty and ugly we are on each photos

Me watching the Pacific (by t)

the theatrical trip in Puerto Galera

slippers sleeping in the sand

frolicking (by e)

j.a – swimmer friend

my cousin s getting ready for surfing

summer bunny lovers

enough amount of spicy and salted nori

On the other side of the world, my love was  busy  filming, and taking photos of adorable Videl  to show me , so I keep calm while I soak up in this extreme summer  heat.  It works.



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