Twenty Seven

Love went back to his homeland. This trip made me realize [once more] how much I’m going to miss him in the next few months.  I can’t wait for us to be together for good.

Below are random collected  photographs taken by L and me.

L leaving France

Sleeping tightly with Marley

My favourite boy celebrated his birthday.  It’s been years of endless talks, friendship, argues, lessons we’ve been teaching each other. defense from the words of someone  else’s thoughts and mouth, craziness, and  I am still amaze of our love and story. It’s so amazing to look back, and see how far we have become. I think we love us  more than anyone in the world can love one another. I think I love you more than anyone can love another.

 “distance, in the end is  one of the greatest thing, because you know the one you love stay for good.” 

Distance is just a space you put between each other. My curiosity and love will go on forever to this one wonderful person.  I’m happy you exist and covered me with unconditional and selfless love, and made me the happiest.

My lil love for his baby dog Videl.



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