Young Love | South of France

It has been a month since our wedding. And I’m still so happy everytime I remember all the moments-from the planning to the preparation, up to the wedding day itself. It was a success and I am proud that me and Lénaïc crafted most of our wedding stuff with the help from a bunch of our wonderful families, who made the tables, hand-painted the chairs, cooked a sumptuous meal for the cocktail and dinner, hand-picked and arranged the flowers, did origami, et cetera, et cetera.

Young love, shared dreams, and all that…with my most loving husband, and still my boyfriend, girlfriend, and bestfriend. This is one of the most wonderful moment of us together

Now, here are my favorite and awesome photos taken by my brother-in-law, Thibaut.

 On mine: Wedding Dress by Michael Leyva / Shoes by Menbur and Keds  | On him: Wedding tux by Brice / Shoes by André | Location: Le Clos Saint Saourde


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