Christmas Beauty List | Part 1

Christmas is in 28 days! And we are very excited to do our Christmas wish/want list, as well as our Christmas shopping-for families, friends, and ourselves. What I have here now is just a little beauty list, which I can go on forever at, but I want to spare you of a whole bunch of long list. And better keep it for another post. ; )

Number one on my list is this moisturizer (a must for a negative-zero-weather these days for a used-to-tropical-weather-skin like me) from SteamCream. I find the packaging very nice, and the Christmas print tin made it much more adorable (check out their store, they have a lot of pretty tin designs!) It could be a perfect lil present as well for your girl friends and/or sisters.

You may find this product on or

Next to my list is this Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in L’Impatiente colour. I have other several favourite too like the L’exquisite and La Câline, but this wine shade perfectly suit for the winter season.

You may find this product on

Third on my list is this very cute and adorable Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar from Ciaté. It’s for a change for the usual Christmas tradition finding a chocolate inside or the famous Kinder Surprise. This is a perfect gift as well for your chic girl friends! Will surely add some spice on their Christmas countdown.

This product is available at but unfortunately it is out of stock due to popular demand. You may join the waiting list though.

And last but for sure not the least on my list is this LUSH (i love all their products as much as I love passing by their store, smelling them from outside) Father Christmas Bath Bomb. I love the strawberry milkshake color of it. This will excite you more to have your awaited hot tub bath coming home from the freezing weather outside.

You may get this item on They have tons of Christmas products coming with reusable and collectible Christmas printed tins.

Gotta dash and update my playlist for our little one week road trip this week end in the North of France (which I will be posting about for later). Thanks for reading! Comments and suggestions are very welcome. : )

Credits: All photos are from the site itself.


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