Hot Chocolate | A Creative Way

So yup, this is our last day here in France for this year. It was a bit of a rush shopping local stuff to bring home for families and friends. Last dinner with the family and had our earliest Christmas dinner ever. I am quite sentimental leaving, at the same time excited to be back in the tropics. Can`t wait to post more travel stuff near the equator, and far away from the winter solstice, which makes me very excited for our Boracay trip/filming soon. So watch out for that! ; )

Anyway, I`m not going to spoil you about our tropical plans. And my photos right now has nothing to do with it actually. Was just having our last fancy hot choco (for winter) right now…which is the best hot choco I had so far (pure and organic cacao) and best design as well; rolled up in our blankie, watching some TV movie. I will definitely miss France.

And by the way, have a very Merry Christmas wherever part of the world you are!


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