Christmas Holiday | In Moss Green

We spent 26 glorious hours waiting at the airport and flying, and finally, it’s so good to be back in the Philippines! How I’ve missed its tropical weather and all the native delicacies! We still have the flight aftermath–jetlag so to speak, but am very happy that love and I can finally celebrate Christmas together here in Philippines together with my family before we move and stay for good in Europe early next year. We did quite a lot of moving and flying for the past few years, so I think I’d like to stay put for a little while. But for the meantime, you’ll be seeing summer-ish post from me during this Christmas holiday.

Below are the photos of me from yesterday before Lènaïc and I went to the midnight market (which I will be posting later) to satisfy our craving taste buds. Love and I are planning to stay stay in shape, but it’s just so hard to resist food during this Christmas holiday! Hmm, I think we just have to keep our running rhythm ; ) For now, we are heading to Bicol to visit my family for Christmas. See you all soon! Tata!

moss green jacket: b + ab / black tank: Forever 21 / grey shorts: Zara / white sneakers: Keds Classic


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