Midnight Mercato | Satisfying Taste Buds

As you can see, I love to document what we eat and also where we eat. Later on, I would love to post about all our food trips, as well as my cookings and its recipes, so you can have a bunch of stuff to check out and discover on my /Bon Appétit tab.

So, love and I spent our second night in Manila satisfying our taste buds with Asian delicacies and whatever catches our eyes. We love to go in Midnight Mercato everytime we come back to Philippines and everytime we are lazy to cook and usually when debating what to cook. We are really taking this holiday that we have literally before we go back to reality in few weeks, with endless craving and eating as well as sleeping in this monsoon-ish weather here in the Pacific.

 I’m so happy that love is as adventurous as me on trying out foods, most especially the exotic ones. Our all time favourite — shrimp fresh spring roll.
Roasted whole pig, also known as lechon
variations of paella

my favourite flavor of gelato — mint chocolate
sweet tooth’s attacking on this sea of creamy and delicious gelato
And poor love, got bitten by ants 😛

Where: Midnight Mercato

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Photos by Lénaïc Maréchal


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