Inspirations | New Flat

We are pretty much excited to begin our flat hunting in the next few months, and finally have decided to stay in Provence than in the North of France. So I have been feeding myself these rainy days some inspirations on how our little new home would look like. I would like to have a white-painted flat with wooden floors, three/two bedrooms (master bedroom, guest room, & office). I would like the kitchen and dining to be really nice and convenient, since we both love to cook and eat. I would like to have in it some wooden materials and some green indoor hanging plants just above the sink. As for the living room, I would like to have a cream-coloured couch, a cozy carpet, and some nice bookshelves around it. Plus a little balcony to welcome the sunshine. I can’t wait to  share this project with you!

This year will be a lot of traveling, making goals and accomplishing it. Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you are having your first week, well, so far so good. : )

All photos are from IKEA


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