Bowling Day | In Rose Pink Jumper

IMG_8563-2IMG_8587IMG_8623 IMG_8589 IMG_8610
IMG_8573 IMG_8617 IMG_8618 IMG_8634 IMG_8749 IMG_8760grey cardigan: Hong Kong local shop / rose pink jumper: People Are People / socks: H&M

Hit the strike at first, but still lose the game in a battle between my friend Maggie , and Lénaïc. Love claims he never tried bowling, but still won over us in more than 20 points! I was so ready to make fun of him! But oh well, someone got lucky! It’s has always been nice to see my friends every now and then despite each and everyone’s very busy and demanding schedules, also for the reason that I won’t be seing them for probably 1 year or so.

I have been MIA for the past week for some administrative (as usual) reasons for me moving for good in France. It’s what kept our schedule tight and busy as well. But with all good light, everything is settled now and finally got the chance to have a little catching up over bowling and coffee with my girl friends. Wearing my fave jumper from People Are People (local brand in Philippines) which is perfect for its very light fabric, grey cardigan, and for sure, these bowling shoes–which is my decent excuse (I assume) for myself for my limited shoes in my luggage.


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