Birthday’s Approaching | Lifestyle and Goals


imageMy birthday’s fast approaching, and the usual listing of wishes kinda got me bored, I think what I have right now is more on a list of I wanted to do and accomplish. First is to stay healthy and healthier, fit and fitter–Lénaïc (as my coach) and I runs together thrice in a week, eating less junks, creating more leisures, and getting a good amount of sleep. Nothing very strict though as if we are health gurus wanna be, but it is such one good motivation for us to make more goals and for sure a reason for us to be able to accomplish all the following ones. Second, is to learn more about videography on both technical and creative aspect. Third is to improve my French. Fourth is load myself the guts and inspirations for my up-coming project (which I won’t spoil anytime sooner ; ) ) Fifth is to go travel more with Lénaïc and meet like-minded souls. And sisxth but not the last (as my list goes on and on) is more on get these lil treats (subscription of Vogue UK, various kinds of booties, and this very fancy but notorious “Ain’t No Wifey” tank) that I want than to make more lists of what I want, which I still think can’t be boring in the long run. I think I will still be listing them.

Happy Birthday to all whose celebrating and will soon celebrate their birthdays out there!

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