Meanwhile in Boracay

IMG_8880 IMG_8888 IMG_8890top: Dorothy Perkins / denim shorts: Lee / shoes: Keds IMG_8818IMG_8860his shirt: Greater Good

Little hello from Boracay after our long day of wedding filming the other day! We have always loved this work slash travel that we have and take advantage to see more new places. We’re only here for a few days, so Lénaïc and I tried to squeeze in as much as we could. I enjoyed basking in the sun and Lénaïc enjoyed taking photos (will be posting later) as he teaches me some basics in shooting. And even though we promised that we will not dabble around, yet we still managed to just lay in the powdery sand under the trails of coconut trees, sipping some fresh mango shakes, walk around the town with ice cream in our hands, and just relax and watch the view and at the same time how other people enjoys it the same way we do. And oh! Not mentioning about how indecisive Lénaïc is on choosing where to eat (yes! There’s so much choices), which took us at least half an hour, which he gets frisky about when he starts to see my “oh lala” face! But oh well, we are just so passionate about this little-nothings time of ours together, not too contemplative to think of something fancy to do.

Photos from Lénaïc Maréchal and me

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