Boracay Diary


Boracay as one of the best white sand beaches in the world, Lenaic and I, are for sure felt very happy to be able to see it together, even it is just for a few days, even after our work. And even though we are not a big fan of crowded/party beaches, (yes, we are sort of an isolated beaches + boat-ride + fishing + relishing the sun fan–which we are excited for a probable Corsica or Biarritz summer trip that we are looking forward to) ) yet we still enjoyed the picturesque place, and conclusively every single sumptuous seafood meal we had which you can easily find on every corner.

We’d love to see more of my motherland’s islands if time permits, but oh well, I think we still have around 7,100 islands to hop in in the Philippines! Such a long way to go, but he hope to cross one of you there. Enjoy the photos! see you on my next post!

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