Birthday Diary

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I am writing my birthday post a little bit late, but I won’t whine for all my excuses of busyness. It still sinking on me, that i am now on my 24th existence in the world. You know, no matter how we say that it is just a number, well it still is, but these numbers as they get bigger, becomes such a huge drive for myself to become healthier in all aspects–both spiritually and physically, grow even better, comprehend things cleverly, be more inspired to have better thoughts to have better words, be creative, work more,travel more, and love more.

On another note, Lénaïc nd I went aquarium diving, and made new friends with these lil fishy and sharks, a surprising short and intense (intense is such an understatement. Shoes, clothes here and there, and only 6 hours?! Well, you get the picture, it was a pressure!) six hours to spend my shopping spree, an undying Thai dinner (which we can never get enough of), a bloody Tarantino film, and ends it with my traditional birthday cake. It was such a sweet, unconventional celebration, going against those traditional bouquet of roses, teddy bears, and chocolate surprises. yet the adventure was pleasurably lovely.

Everything was planned by Lénaïc, and I can’t believe he was able to deal with it even with those greedy taxi drivers, with his French accent, well, pretending to be a local. (haha) I just love this man intensely, his mind, his heart, and everything attached to him.

I guess it is one of the greatest thing in life, to do everything your heart’s desire-big or small, with someone that your heart’s desire. I am so grateful as well for all the beautiful wishes and greetings from my families and friends all over the world. 24 is such a beautiful age.

Photos from Lénaïc Maréchal and me

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