Topshop | Super Soft Ankle Grazer

TopshopTopshopTopshop JeansTopshop Super Soft Ankle Grazer Jeans

I’ve been looking for a perfect red wine jeans for quite a while, and I admit I am really picky as always in getting a pair of any. I consider so much the fabric/material, price, and surely the fit. I have been contemplating if I will get the first one I saw, the second, and so on and so forth. Maybe I was too serious, but I am happy that I didn’t pick any of those, and happy that I got this one! The fabric is just so perfectly light and doesn’t suffocate my legs, plus the ankle grazer detail is just very friendly (yup! do not under estimate it). I guess Topshop is really my home when in comes to jeans, considering quality and size. Can’t wait to share it on my post for later, and for the meantime packing will begin shortly, once again.

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