Call It Spring | Forkell

IMG_9554 IMG_9558 It Spring Forkell boots

I can’t believe two months had passed since we arrive, and in three days we are going back to France (already). Time flies so fast as we all know, but my emotions are mixed between excitement and panicking on how to pack(as usual)! I am thinking of getting vacuum bags since we have a big problem with space (all our clothes and shoes, and my stuff, plus Lénaïc’s camera gears–two tripod, slider, steadicam, two cameras, et cetera et cetera). So how?! I wish we could just simply hire a moving truck to simplify all these.

Anyway, above is my latest love boots from Lénaïc, not more than loving the fact that he knows my style! I still haven’t had the chance to use it in Philippine’s almost summer weather, but I am quite excited to use it in the blizzard-less winter in the south of France. I’ll be seeing you very soon with my Euro adventures!

photos by me

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