Shy Spring

WhiteBluebird (4 of 11) WhiteBluebird (1 of 11) WhiteBluebird (2 of 11) WhiteBluebird (3 of 11) WhiteBluebird (5 of 11) WhiteBluebird (7 of 11) WhiteBluebird (9 of 11) WhiteBluebird (11 of 11)Celine boots//Topshop jeans//Pull-In beanie//Androgyny leather jacket

 It always felt good to be one with nature, get out of the bustling city that I used to be in, it gives me that raw feeling. Lénaïc loves to drag me to some surprisingly fancy random places, just like that, on a random day. I remember last time, he brought me to a snowy mountain without telling me where we’re headed–and it was actually my first time, surely there I am irrationally in awe for not seeing few inches of snow being smashed by my feet in my whole life. Yesterday, we went off-duty climbing these rock cliffs somewhere in the south.Do not under-estimate the height of it on these photos, trust me I was so shaking as we ascend (same as we descend) on it. But the view was beautiful, seeing all the southern mountains, smoking chimneys, with the back-lit sunset. It felt like watching a postcard.

With our off-duty day together, I’ve decided to just wear my sort of  “off-duty” kind of day and outfit. You know–jeans, boots, and leather jacket. It felt so good to feel this “shy spring” season. It’s as if there’s an Indian Summer during autumn. The temperature starts to get back around 16-18 these days during daytime, flowers starts to bloom again, the vineyards starts to grow its twigs, and trees began to grow some little leaves back. I’m so impatient for the upcoming works and travel and for some upbeat and contrasted hues for my spring wardrobe! Loads to come on my next posts!

photos from Lénaïc Maréchal

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