Yesterday, we have been visited by a kind of strong mistral. The day was so deceiving as you watch outside the window, but once you step out, it feels like you are trotting the snowy alps. But despite that, Lénaïc and I still decided to go outside and tried to chase the sun. TO make a little “adventurous”, my teacher slash lover (Lénaïc) brought the camera and a monopod so I can film with “nature” as a subject for the day. It took me at least 30 mins to film in the harsh cold having my hands freezing against the monopod and roughly seven hours to edit. I’ve always wanted to make clips like this but I never figured out how and when to start. Probably because I don’t want to criticise myself of the output, but humbly I would say I liked this one, given it’s my first ever try. So I am quite happy about it, and happy to let you know that there’s still more to come!

Music: Morpheus Weaves Hate to Love by Wired Ant
Filmed with: Manfrotto monopod and Canon 5D Mark II with 50mm f 1.4

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