Warm Deco Inspirations and Loft Hunting

Love and I has been flat/loft hunting for the past few weeks, and so far we found a pearl in the middle of the city. Just perfectly fit for the inspirations I hoarded shown below! I know I have mentioned in my old post how excited I am to decorate our soon to be new home, but it makes me so bubbly, that I just can’t help to reiterate it! I think it is one of the most exciting thing to do, the pleasure of moving with your love, in your dream house that you used to imagine when you were little, with its little and big adventures along the way. It is such a convivial benefit of living.

We are so much inclined with the loft style–industrial lamps, pallet beds, mezzanine bedrooms, and high ceilings. Personally, i like the mix of contemporary style and shabby–metal + wood + vintage finds. And for some reasons, our preference and taste about it goes along (for once!:P). Soon enough, we’ll be able to share some DIY decors and stuff, fancy furnishings, and of course our little home. Inspirations and plans are just overflowing like milk and honey. We just keep it coming.

Just a little segue, out of the main topic…Married life is a beautiful stage in a person’s life, and getting married doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish things anymore for both of you, your relationship, and more importantly for yourself. It actually doubles your accomplishment, because you work hard for both of you. As the saying goes, two is always better than one. Ergo, I marry this man who loves me more than anything else because we both want to be together forever, we want to achieve all our dreams together, we want to wake up on each other’s side and do everything together hand in hand, as young as our age right now, forasmuch as we don’t see ourselves being with any other person in the world anymore. Not for whatever reasons people thought and said before. A man who you love  and loves you back enormously will never give you a barrier feeling between the world and yourself. He helps you build a bridge instead. : )

imageimageloft1loft2loft3loft4loft6loft7loft8loft9loft5bed1glass treehouseloft10loft11palletpallet1pallet2pallet3alvheem1loft12loft13loft14Photo Sources: Emma’s DEsign Blog, Renew Purpose, Poetic Home, idesign Arch, Alvheem, Delikatissen, Bodie&Fou, Apartment Therapy, Mires Paris, Leone Design Studio, Côté Maison

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