Home Inspirations (Part 2)

stockholm-home-01-600x400stockholm-home-02-600x400stockholm-home-03-600x400stockholm-home-04-600x400stockholm-home-05-600x400stockholm-home-08-600x400stockholm-home-600x445Therese-Sennerholt-02Therese-Sennerholt-07In case you are wondering what keeps me busy in the past few weeks, and the reason of lack of post…hmm, nope, my dog didn’t eat my keyboard, but in fact we are actually busy moving! I know I have mentioned in my old posts that we are on a flat hunting mission and I have posted some interior inspirations as well, but right now we are finally on it! I found these lovely inspirations through trendland.com which I quite am addicted to these days for their rad features. This one’s my favourite for its modern minimalistic, Scandinavian home style. You might as well go check it out. I keep this short now. As for the moment, the moving series goes on. If you cross me on a moving truck, don’t hesitate to wave and say hi.

Photos from www.trendland.com


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