Jardin des Tuileries

whitebluebird (15 of 20) whitebluebird (16 of 20) whitebluebird (17 of 20) whitebluebird (18 of 20) whitebluebird (19 of 20) whitebluebird (20 of 20)Topshop jeans//Call It Spring boots//Parisian bag//top and coat from HK

I thought I had enough of Paris since we arrive home last winter, but I dread myself for being wrong. I reckon to myself, it is indeed pretty (prettier) during spring! Love and I went for a few days to enjoy it fully, not just to take a quick snap and glance on its utterly beautiful architectures, while we are filming. We walked  and pedalled for kilometres, struggling on every slopes, and sometimes terrified by the cars overtaking us. There’s so much more to see in Paris, it’s not limited to seeing the towering Eiffel, Champ Élysées, Le Louvre, Seine, and Jardin des Tuileries (which is behind me on the photos above). I’ll be sharing you the “not-so-cliché” places we went during these few days on my next posts, and will probably giving out some travel tips in case you plan to visit. It will be a pleasure to do so.

On another note, I take weather seriously, and I am really happy that I can wear light clothes now. Jeans without thermal pants and of course a very light weight coat. Spring is really blossoming and I can’t stop mentioning it.  I love how long the days are, that it feels weird to eat dinner at “daytime.” And I love how sunbeams wake us up as it make my mornings more beautiful. I hope you are having the same goodness in life as well!

photos by Lénaïc Maréchal

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