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Little piece of Asia in Paris. As I have mentioned in my last post, we are just totally loving Asian food. It’s like our comfort food. It makes us feel better and bubbly, trust me. Especially when love takes so much time to decide where to eat, we both know we will end up with anything but Asian. I know some of you might find it ironical to not eat French food during our stay in Paris, don’t get me wrong, I love French cuisines, everything can go from sumptuous to a very distinct taste. Right after we move, I hope to share some of my favourites, and will be posting recipes as well. But going back to Goza Bar, we just can’t skip it! While we were checking out restaurants along Passage Jouffroy and Passage des Panoramas, everyone’s serving burgers, frites, crêpes–it was too basic for us. Until we saw a not so long line outside Gyoza Bar, we were quite torn to wait for few minutes or find a restaurant where we can sit right away. But of course, we never mind waiting when we know it’s worth it.

The place is simple. You have a choice of 8 gyoza or 12 gyoza, with or without rice, and a drink. That’s all. The service was not the best as they don’t speak French well, neither English. But the gyoza came out very fast and Lénaïc and I both enjoyed it. I loved it for myself, but for him it was not the best gyoza he ever tried. Anyway, it is still worth a try!

photos by me

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