whitebluebird (2 of 3) whitebluebird (6 of 6)We are finally home! We have been very busy with work– traveling, filming, no break from all of these beautiful experiences literally. Despite going “home” tired to every hotel room we stayed at, we are feeling very blessed to have this rare opportunity that allows us to share our skills and enjoy life. We’ve missed being home from time to time though, most especially we just moved in in our new flat, we are barely finish unpacking, setting up, decorating, and all that. But at this moment, I am just happy to be home and have some relax time with love, and catching up with my love ones.

Lénaïc and I loves to cook as much as we lov eating. And I will say he loves to cook for us more than he loves eating out! He cooks very well, and trust me he makes great, simple, refreshing salads. I don’t want to expect too much with the weather, since Spring is kind of 2 months late, and it seems to be appearing now. Tank tops, fruit shakes, hat, sandals, and sunnies go hand in hand these days since we arrive from Paris (knowing Paris’ weather, you need to keep your welling, spring coat, and umbrella always ready). With that, this Panzanella Bread Salad is just perfect for the summer-ish/spring-ish lunch. Light, clean, and very refreshing.


Old bread (he used baguette for this, but it’s better to use pain campagne)
Green lemon
Fresh basil
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar

RECIPE (adapted from Simple Recipes)



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