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Lazy–exactly what the title meant. Since we arrive from a long month of filming and still catching up with clients in between all these laziness, everything is still in shambles. SETTING up and SETTLING down keeps us very busy, with no chance (almost) to take time to take quality photos to keep and to share. If it’s proper to say we are busy being lazy, then I must say we are. Kindly excuse us. (Nah, I am in fact being sarcastic here)

I’ve been meaning to say, I still have some great photos from our trip in Deauvile sitting in the back burner that I would love to share. Anyway, this one’s just a few little snap we did after exploring our new city, Avignon. Scouting spots where we could run, eat out, finding the cutest boulangerie or the fresh market to buy bio products, and ehem! Finding a spot to shoot next time for my poor little blog that I would love to update all the time. I would love to share as well that this was the first time to have my legs bare outside since I arrive in France.

And after all this drama, here we (or perhaps only me) are enjoying this 33C spring heat. It’s really hotter than Manila! And I seriously mean that. I admit, I secretly miss this temperature even though winter (thus snowing) makes me happy like a kid jumping with so much awe. Nevertheless, I have missed the sun touching my skin with a feeling of almost burning it.

Photos by Lénaïc Maréchal and me

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