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We are, once again back home! Meaning we are back in the city, which means summer is hotter, which means I need some tons of assortments for my summer drinks. I’ve always been a water and just water drinker until Lénaïc influenced me with all his syrup “addiction”. This one’s very easy to make, no need for any recipes or whatsoever. And I’m definitely growing on it this summer! Clearly my favourite drink for the week while unrushing clips and editing, and also while blogging. I think I should make it a little bit more elaborated with some chocolate chip and whip cream next time! Let me know if you have any suggestions for some other yummy goods!

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    • Lissome Habit

      Thank you for this! Will take the time to do a blogpost about it. These are mint syrup, from a local French supermaerket.

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