It’s such a shame that videography is so underrated compared to photography.  Photos easily pleased people’s eyes, but personally, I think videos are watched and just watched, but not beyond its surface. When it comes to filming wedding, I will say it’s not as light as taking photos. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of  (wedding) photography (Jose Villa, Jonas Peterson, Sean Flanigan). It’s just when it comes to the day of shooting, you can’t miss important events that you won’t be able to ask them to do it again, you can’t screw up the audio, burning is not allowed all the time, you have to be creative when it comes to framing and ideas, and at the same time you have to know the technicals. Despite all this, filming itself is fun (given good characters and personalities to film) as well as editing (given great dynamic frames or clips).

On another note, here’s my official second full edit for Lmvisual Wedding Studio, filmed and directed by my teammate–Lénaïc and I. (Apparently, editing is what’s keeping me busy from my blog, so please hold onto that 🙂 ) If you want to check out our (long term) on-going corporate site project, you may see our website– Watercolor Creatives. Hit us up if you have project and collaboration proposals!


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