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Keds sneakers | WoolArt plaid shirt | Forever 21 mini

It starts to feel like autumn today, we had some mini hail that turned into drizzles after a minute or so. It starts to be a little breezy at night, I start to have chilly fingers, and temperature starts to drop down as well and I can only wish it keeps on like that at the last quarter of this 2013 summer. I was weighing at the back of my head which season was it that makes picking clothes easier, and after experiencing (almost) all the famous four seasons, I therefore conclude; as it is my favourite season as well, fall/winter: that is–without any biases.

I just realised, I’ve been to so many French villages (in less than a year) including the best ones (and some eerie ones)–each having a fair share of beauty and charm on its own. Indeed, Gordes is listed as one of the most beautiful villages, though it may not steal your eyes in a dash as you may see numerous amount of hilltop villages through your travels across the beautiful hexagon. It [Gordes] is situated at the southern edge of the Vaucluse Plateau with the insane panoramic view of the Luberon Mountain. It made me feel so tiny standing on its edge! Inside are quiet little calades made of yellow bricks and stones (with meandering tourists) that are likely older than your great great grand father. Also, Gordes had been one of the location setting from the great film of Ridley Scott, A Good Year.

I’ll leave you the rest of the (priviledged) thoughts and the desire to see this modest village. But if you have ramblings and questions, leave me a comment, either mail me. At the moment, I’m lusting on the New This Week of Zara. It’s by far my most favourite affordables! I love the sleek design, neutral colors, assymetric structures, and of course those endless choice of buckle boots. Aren’t the pieces so gorgeous?!

photos by Lénaïc Maréchal and myself

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