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IMG_9207Zara tartan blazer | Topshop jeans | (never ending) Keds sneakers

I have just been in the most divine forest I have ever seen in my whole life. Lénaïc and I went on a little driving break on our way home, and decided to visit Les Loups De Chabrieres in Guerét.  The whole world seems to gravitate all the greatness as we slowly drive entering  the glorious forest with towering pines and howling wolves. It felt like (once again) I was in a movie, particularly Forks (if the Cullens and wolves remind you well). We stopped on every pretty sights to take photographs. Lénaïc and I were so thrilled jumping in awe, telling to each other “ah unplanned trips will always be the best”  and of course a series of “oh my god! oh my god! oh my god! It’s beautiful love!” 

It’s this kind of place your brain’s right hemisphere gets creative, somewhere you’d love to do editorial shoots (too bad, I didn’t had matching outfit to do so, I wasn’t really prepared–AahI hope I was!!!), somewhere you want to film, or even somewhere you’d like to bring your picnic basket and enjoy the spirit of being there with your love. The colours are just so wonderful that when you take photographs, you know your images will either be wonderful or wonderful. Beauty was everywhere in this place–the slowly fading trees waving goodbye to summer, the orange leaves rushing on the road as we drive fast, the spongy moist moss ground, the smell of rain and dew on the pines, Lénaïc who kept saying “it’s my kind of retreat” with a big smile, the chill in our bones and our foggy breath, the wolves we met, and all the drive-thru`s throughout the 18 hours drive. Another travel we did that I am glad to share. I can’t wait for the next ones!

Hope you all had a splendid weekend!

photos by Lénaïc Maréchal and myself

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