photo (2)IMG_9536IMG_9382IMG_9532IMG_9534(Lénaïc’s) Vans tartan shirt // Bershka jeans // Zara messenger bag

I’ve got so much to be thankful about for these past few days. Not only that this month has (always) been extra especial for us, but for some reasons unknown it’s the moment I reflect a lot about myself and everything I have been experiencing. If you’ve been following my instagram, you can see that Lénaïc and I had a week trip (which I will be posting sooner than later) around Annecy, Megève, and Switzerland. It was a short but a very sweet road trip to celebrate mainly my first anniversary here in France, our five years of friendship, and 3 years or romance. I don’t know how to send out all these wonderful feelings for you, but it’s like a music on repeat to my ears and heart.

Here I am wearing tartan and white jeans on a little stop over on our way to Annecy. Somewhere says “If you are not wearing tartan this autumn, then what are you wearing?” I know it’s not the best tartan to debut this beautiful season, but hold onto that, as it is one of my favourite pattern staple of all time, you have got to expect seeing more of that in the future.

Going to grab a hot tea now, and continue editing these a little bit more of a thousand photos! Oh sweet baby jesus! Grab a great weekend guys!

photos by Lénaïc Maréchal

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