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These photos were taken last two weeks during our trip to Switzerland. We had a little stop over to spend few days in Annecy to see little pieces of Lénaïc’s childhood that was spent there. I must admit, it is one of my favourite places I’ve seen thus far in France. It’s well preserved and very clean, and simply it’s just amazing to be there imaging a little Lénaïc running around as his gibberish thoughts reveal all the tiny stories about almost everything his memories can grasp.

The whole town is very charming, but my favourite part was the Palais de l’Isle. Historically, it was the residence of Lord of Annecy, then later became the Count of Geneva’s administrative headquarters, and then later became a jail in the middle ages. It’s in the center of Thiou Canal, surrounded by pristine blue-green waters, where you can feed swans and ducks at anytime of day. close at hand are all sorts of French classics, comme boulangerie, patisserie, charcuterie, viennoiserie, crêperie, and the rest of the -rie ending shops I must have missed, filled of flocking tourists.

Later then, we pounce on one of the restaurant, and had an amazing cheese fondue. There’s no way we’ll miss this enticing specialty of the Savoyard, even though I inconceivably can love cheese with all my heart, well except comte and camembert (sorry Français, the maroilles is just really unfriendly). There you go, I hope you had a little glimpse of Annecy, it should be on your list in case you plan to visit France.

PS, take a good camera, 99% of your reflex is resorting to this. Of course I’m exaggerating 😛 but yep! You’ll snap every single cute thing you see.

photos by me & Lénaïc Maréchal

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