imageIMG_0036image imageIMG_0021imageIMG_0028 imageZara bag // Topshop jeans // Parisian boots // Drape coat from HK

I am not really used to wearing heels ever since except when I was still working on my past jobs, I don’t like it as well when we are having a stroll around the city, nor (most especially) when visiting the cobbled streets of rustic French villages.  Nevertheless, I love the certain feeling it gives you, I love the feeling of womanhood in it. In fact I love the feeling of being (quite) tall, it is some kind of a confidence booster for me. All along I thought I was tall enough, until I came here in Europe. I just feel soooo short! (crieeees) I wish I took advantage of my love for milk and gave my bones a chance to stretch more, or perhaps I shouldn’t have sneak out everytime my mama put me on an afternoon nap. I can only hope my growth plates will somehow still be active. 

Anyhow, I’m extremely enjoying the weather! It’s totally no fuss and cuddles are cuter over a sassy movie. Warm choco–just cause hot choco are too run-off-the-mill (HOAX! I love hot choco. ) with freshly baked croissant or pain au chocolat for breakfast are just one of my favourite meal of the day. Also, hot showers are much more appreciated after a chilly kind of day, I could even put up a bed and sleep in there.

How about you, how’s your autumn going? Have a great weekend!

photos by Lénaïc Maréchal

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