IMG_1236Zara ankle boots

(Let’s skip the blogger’s prose about why she didn’t blog for more than a month, shall we?) Now, who accidentally purchase a pair of boots online? Yup! You are guessing it right, c’est moi. Believe me or not, it was pure accident (a good one though, I admit.) Well, of course this became a pool of jokes about me. Everyone was like “oh, you ACCIDENTALLY purchased a SIZE 8 boots, so perfect for yours.” So, long story short was I got fooled (slightly) by the Zara application, in fact I was innocently trying the shopping feature, not that I know I was logged in, and so on and so forth with all these online shopping drill, clicked “proceed” and POOF! Oups! I thought I was going to have another page to confirm my order, but instead I had a big “thank you for shopping.” That was fast Zara. : )

It was fun actually, besides I’ve been meaning to get them bootsies anyway. I’ve been trying to find heeled ankle boots. Found some from Acne, and Burberry. But for 80 Euros, this is exactly the boots I need all year round. Affordable, comfy, and undeniably winning!

Tomorrow will be a long new year shopping day! What are your plans for new year?

PS. I still am loving the Zara app, and perhaps I would love to make few more accidental purchases. And oh, sending my  late Christmas wish to you, and you.


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