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These photos were quickly snapped from our last filming (which I will be telling you more about later) in the beautiful castle of Château de Challain in Loire Valley, central France. I can’t help not to want to take a few photos of the interiors with me in it. Apart from admiring every bits and pieces of what is inside this enormous castle – 150 rooms, 365 windows, 52 fire places,  I also found out that it is where Coco Rocha’s wedding was (of course I was once a fan.) I’ll tell you, this is perhaps one of the most beautiful castle in France that I’ve been and seen thus far. In fact, I was not expecting that. I’ve never heard the name, neither the village, nor the castle. On our way there was a flat and cold landscape (don’t get me wrong, I still am adapting on the crucial landscape changes everytime we travel up North,) and somewhere in the middle of this unfriendly place, you’ll find Chateau de Challain, just like a gem, sitting pretty amongst others. It’s like finding the key to the chest where Davy Jones’ heart is.

On another note, here I am wearing warm and comfy basics from Zara. Keeping it plain on our typical work/filming day.

Who’s excited for today’s sale?! Can’t wait to score some good finds!


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