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How adorable the new Spring Summer campaign of Zara?! These are some of my favourites. I just want each of them. Check out the full campain photos here.



Løv Organic Tea

68729011_HPukka organic cleansing tea

detoxtead6952Detox Tea by Detox Delight (as well)tisana-digestione-e-benessere-1663406_0x440Sanoflore Healthy Digestion Organic Herbal tea 

Rosazucena Moqueta Organic Infusion

Kusmi Tea Detox

I stand together with the idea that the best way to take care of one’s skin is through what we eat/drink or simply our diet. I grew up eating a lot of organic pieces, however it’s the way of cooking which makes it less healthier. Fried, buttery, fatty–you name it. But when you reach almost a quarter of your century, you thrive harder to be healthier inside and out. We thought these chemicals that we have on our food might have an effect later as we are aging. And since we want to grow healthier together and be able to travel a lot more, Lénaïc and I are starting to go organic slowly, from milk to chips and snacks to all sorts of tea, as we are an avid fan of it. We also thought that perhaps, later on we wanted to have our little yard full of our homegrown fruits and vegetables.

Along with these, I was in an adventure search online to find new tea flavours and happily found these detoxifying ones! (and those cute packagings are so friendly!) We immediately got some from Løv Organic and can’t wait to try it! I’m a big fan of green, ginger, lemon, and gun powder and Lénaïc loves intense mint, green (also), and licorice. It’s so perfect most especially for this almost-autumn weather that is fast approaching. How about you, what’s your cup of tea?

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Shifting from tourism to events to marketing to filming is kind of a rollercoaster in my experiences. I love how I experienced every bit of each but I would say filming is the most inspiring. It invites you to be more more creative,  additionally you don’t get to work with the same people all the time. Which is amazing.

But onto more important things, I adore fashion brands campaign videos maybe a little bit more than campaign photos. I personally feel like watching videos bring you in some kind of a real life jaunt. It’s always welcome to see new framing apart from the severity of portrait and full body shots. Speaking of which, here’s the new AW13 campaign of Bershka NOTSQUARE. Not my most favourite video campaign ever, but I just love the fresh and young  feeling it brings.