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There are so many things that I am thankful about my life in the past year. 2013 went by so fast in a dash and to be honest it is impossible not to get myself caught being overwhelmed. The last year has been very challenging at the same time very rewarding, it was the year of adapting to my new country and coping with it (even though I seem to be sitting pretty, trust me it wasn’t that easy.) It was the year of transition for me, all great things and bad. I believe it was like a free ticket to an exciting roller coaster ride. It was the year of growing from my roots, cultivating it, and nourishing it. It was a tough challenge, and an inspiring one.

2013 was also all about learning a lot of good and essential things, realising what matters most in life and to myself and focusing on it, learning how to not solve the unresolvable, and learning that controlling things you can’t control shall never be mistaken with just taking control. Lénaïc and I worked a lot together and can’t be more thankful to have such rare opportunity. We also drove a lot of times all across France, and seen all the beautiful places to be, we also visited Switzerland.

My life has changed a lot over the past year, what started out as a brassy and challenging year turned out to be the one bringing doors to open for more visions, opportunities, realisations, and dreams. I don’t know how to thank enough, but I count them constantly.

And the most beautiful part of these good and bad, ups and downs, roadtrips and travels, is having Lénaïc by my side, all along, loving me everyday.

I will work hard, and want to work harder, list the places we’ve never been before and conquer it, dream new dreams, and achieve my dreams even the seemingly impossible one. Build up a presence and have an amazing roster of clients. My mind is constantly working and I am just never content, yet always happy and always holding a pinch of positivity in my heart.

Here’s a little toast for my silver year! For more of  living life fuller with good health, lots of wonderments, adventures, and success.

All photos were taken in the beautiful snowy Megeve (my first winter birthday). Taken by Lénaïc and me.


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These beautiful photos are sitting in the back burner of my drafts. I know this has been long overdue, and I’ve got no decent speech to back myself up, but I’ve been meaning to share these photos and experiences from the raddest mountain height I’ve been and seen so far. It was initially a not so planned trip, until we realised it is such a shame not to go to Switzerland while we were in Annecy and Megeve, which is just a few hours drive. The experience all along was achingly splendid to recall. We stayed a few short nights in the town of Interlaken filled with lurking tourists despite the slowly dropping temperature . Everything was new for me, the language, the architecture, people and their style, food, even the consuming moment of converting Euros to Franc. The changes were quite a bit of a jolt to me. It was my first time crossing border by land,

With this very short Swiss trip that we had, Schilthorn  went on the top of my fav list. The views are simply nothing short of spectacular. We were quite disappointed that we didn’t get to have a mountain full of snow and fog, as we are rooting for a magical photo with this backdrop. However, we were happy to have the sun shining brightly on our faces as we enjoy our picnic lunch in the snow. It is just roughly 2 hours drive from Zurich, 1 hour from Bern, and 30 minutes from Interlaken, so you’ll never forgive yourself if you miss it when you visit Switzerland! : )

I’d love to see the rest of the country next time! Maintenant, my feet are itching for our next destination.

I’m out for now.

photos by me & Lénaïc

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IMG_1579All items // Zara

These photos were quickly snapped from our last filming (which I will be telling you more about later) in the beautiful castle of Château de Challain in Loire Valley, central France. I can’t help not to want to take a few photos of the interiors with me in it. Apart from admiring every bits and pieces of what is inside this enormous castle – 150 rooms, 365 windows, 52 fire places,  I also found out that it is where Coco Rocha’s wedding was (of course I was once a fan.) I’ll tell you, this is perhaps one of the most beautiful castle in France that I’ve been and seen thus far. In fact, I was not expecting that. I’ve never heard the name, neither the village, nor the castle. On our way there was a flat and cold landscape (don’t get me wrong, I still am adapting on the crucial landscape changes everytime we travel up North,) and somewhere in the middle of this unfriendly place, you’ll find Chateau de Challain, just like a gem, sitting pretty amongst others. It’s like finding the key to the chest where Davy Jones’ heart is.

On another note, here I am wearing warm and comfy basics from Zara. Keeping it plain on our typical work/filming day.

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