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Been so busy that I didn’t push to have some time to blog. Now I’m wishing this to be a comeback and share more of my photos and things where I get my inspirations. Such as this one.

Major crush on these drawn, printed square of silk made in France.

Also, these are the products of the things that ate most of my time { & }






4Photographs: Milleneufcentquatrevingtquatre



Minty Crush
 I love primary colors equally as much as I love monochrome. I sometimes would like to play incognito and blend in the crowd with my minimalist instincts, and sometimes would like to be bold and wear happy colors. In fact I love colors. However, never did I find myself falling for pastels, perhaps because I don’t find it flattering for my skin color, or perhaps because i used to hate it during my elementary years, or pehaps i find it too girly (which certainly I am not.) Frankly, it is such a rare chance that i’ll catch myself crushing on them, and right now i am too guilty that I’m even blushing when i stumble upon them (quite exaggerating, quite not.) I like when I surprise myself a little bit sometimes.