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Minty Crush
 I love primary colors equally as much as I love monochrome. I sometimes would like to play incognito and blend in the crowd with my minimalist instincts, and sometimes would like to be bold and wear happy colors. In fact I love colors. However, never did I find myself falling for pastels, perhaps because I don’t find it flattering for my skin color, or perhaps because i used to hate it during my elementary years, or pehaps i find it too girly (which certainly I am not.) Frankly, it is such a rare chance that i’ll catch myself crushing on them, and right now i am too guilty that I’m even blushing when i stumble upon them (quite exaggerating, quite not.) I like when I surprise myself a little bit sometimes.


Drizzle Wear
I just heard of a little drizzle outside, so I thought of creating my “drizzle wear.” It is somehow my wishlist for this month. What do you think about it?
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Spring has Sprung in Paris

whitebluebird (1 of 17) whitebluebird (3 of 17) whitebluebird (5 of 17) whitebluebird (6 of 17) whitebluebird (7 of 17)whitebluebird (2 of 17)Gay Giano blazer//Lee jeans//Keds sneakers//Marithé + François Girbaud bag

photo 4A Chinese canteen just behind Lafayette mall–cheap, tasty, and authentic. Anywhere we are we are always craving for Asian food more than craving for foie gras or cheese or raclette. It just runs in our blood!photo 3My favourite grass jelly drink and dango with sweet yellow beans filling–bought it from a Vietnamese fast food in the Chinese quarter.
photo 2
1//pedestrians along Tuileries 2//quick shot from Lafayette 3//colorful shops near Canal Saint-Martin 4//Bastillephoto 11//metro map 2//La Défense–business area in paris 3//enormous amount of tourist under the Eiffel tower 4//metro

photo (1)1//Tour Eiffel 2//Bounty & Mars in bottles 3//crowd for the cruise in the river Seine 4//crossing pont d’Iena

This was taken during the second day of our trip, and even trips like this and night walks go hand in hand, there is always something about Tour Eiffel that pulls our feet towards it whenever we are around Paris. We still want to witness the happenings around Champ des Mars crossing pont d’Iéna with the view of Seine, up until to Jardin du Trocadero. We love watching different faces, and taking photographs of strangers.

The night prior this day, we planned to wake up as early as 8AM and leave the house by 9 for Lénaïc planned us to go on the highest top of Eiffel. Mais bien sur, we failed to do so. The bed and the cozy apartment (which I will be posting about later) we rented is just a sweetheart. Lénaïc kept telling me it is impossible to still do it, he is too certain on how much amount of  tourist will there be at this season as much as his certainty on how much we will love the picturesque view. But on the contrary I was still counting on it, ending up reaching the tower with an unimaginable amount of tourists! It’s crazy! The line to get the ticket will already take you 1 hour (which I honestly think  we underestimated), plus the line to ascend is roughly 1 to 2 hours. We were both like “D’accord, let’s just go back in winter when the line is not as huge as the anaconda in Amazon.”

Donc, we have decided to take a few shots of me with my typical streetstyle. Jeans, sneakers, and my favourite blazer by Gay Giano. I wanted to make a note too about my favourite red messenger bag from MFG that I had since high school. Same old, same new. I just love how little it looks like, and how spacious it is inside.

We spend the rest of our day exploring the differnt areas in Paris, such as Chaussée La Fayette, La Défense, Bastille, Saint-Germain, China Town, and a whole lot little streets here and there. If you follow my Instagram, you may have followed these little events in this tiny trip of ours. On the other hand, I posted some photos above that didn’t make it through my and his IG (bad quality and bad framing–yes we are sensitive about that :P) just a quick phone snap to share to you (whoever’s reading this) and to keep as a souvenir for our little ones later. : )

Paris is such a charming place, it is not just a romantic city, or a fashion capital where everyone sophisticatedly wears Chanel or buys Chanel (trust me I have seen worse)–two common thoughts that most of us have when we hear about of Paris. But Paris is more than that. I’m just saying don’t visit Paris mainly for this idea, the city is bigger than that. The history is humongous that it will leave you in awe. It is such a big playground and an adventure place for each kind of tourist it has. I can’t wait for us to be back and visit the nightlife in Bastille, visit Kilo Shop, and of course pedal on the littlest streets as we wait ourselves to be surprised. It is still the best to see the world with your love.

photos by Lénaïc Maréchal and me

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